Thursday, February 04, 2010

Top dog Super Bowl commercials!

Ok...I admit it, I'm getting pretty excited about Sunday's Super Bowl! I'm even donning my favorite Colts Jersey over on Facebook and Twitter, getting ready for the event. Wonder if I'm going to need a check for rheumatoid arthritis after throwing so much, BOL!! Hey, look! I'm a Collie, Austin, Collie, that is!

In honor of this year's Super Bowl, I'm sharing some of my absolute favorite Super Bowl commercials featuring dogs! Over the years, dogs and Super Bowl commercials have gone paw in paw. Must be the demographic, or should I call it dogographic? Anyways, here are some of my absolute favs. Oh, and (sorry Saints lovers :) GO COLTS!!!

In 2009, Pedigree launched a fun little commercial during the Super Bowl promoting dog adoption. And in 2000, Budweiser introduced a cute little BC into one of their funny's all about motivation baby.

Over the years, Budweiser has become a staple in Super Bowl Commercials, featuring their famous Clydesdales. But in recent years, a Spotty Dog (Dalamation, you know) has been seen taking the limelight of their heartwarming commercials.

Here's the first time their Spotty Dog was featured in 2006.

In 2008 and 2009, the Spotty Dog takes more center stage in this sequel to 2006.

And my absolute favorite Spotty Dog Budweiser commercial from 2007.

Another one of my favs, being the herding breed I am is from Super Bowl XL in 2006, featuring the streaker, BOL!!!

One of the more famous Bud Light commercials that was banned from being aired during the Super Bowl, the famous, or infamous, Bad Dog Bud Light Commercial and another risque commercial from Bridgestone Tires, prepared for the 2008 Super Bowl.

Bridgestone Tires shot this commercial about a lucky dog for the 2008 Super Bowl, but decided to run it in movie theaters instead. And of course for the kittie lovers, the famous EDS Cat Herding video from the 2000 Super Bowl.

Hope you all enjoy the Super Bowl!!!


  1. Hahaha, I love these commercials! Adding pets to commercials guarantees catching people's eye.

  2. Johann - you're so cool in your Colts jersey! Bol!

    Mom has always, always loved the budweiser clydesdale commercials! They make her cry! But she had never seen the one from 2000 with the BC. Cute! And the banned commercials - the first one is funny but the second is so sad with the lab wanting to kill himself. Poor guy. (see, mom takes all this stuff so seriously - lol!)

    Thanks for sharing all of these!

  3. Great commercials. BOL Our momma hasn't allowed us to watch a single commercial since DVRs were invented. I hope you have a superb Super Bowl sunday!


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