Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sharin' some workin' photos...

We've been busy workin' away here at our home office. So we thought we'd share a couple of fun pics :)

This is me teaching Gracie the fine art of shipping out the good stuff we sell at JohannTheDog Direct. She's a pretty quick study, works well fur treats too, BOL!!!

And here's my kittie bro, Wolfie, keeping watch on the shelf above Mum's computer, making sure she's workin' hard. Silly cat thinks he can take all the glory for my agility ribbons. No way!!!

Mum and I were having lots of troubles getting email from my Palm Centro, so we had to upgrade. What a shame we had to get a new BlackBerry. Mum and I are loving it!

And of course she had to take a quick pic of me up close and personal. Now all we need is a bigger lcd monitor, so we can see my handsome mug 10x bigger, BOL!!! It doesn't seem to take as nice of photos are our Palm did, but we're still experimenting.

Keep those Toofer Challenge posts coming, we'll be sharing pics and links in the next day or so!!!

That's it fur now....hope you all are having a great week!


  1. Gosh Johann - you and Gracie are such hard workers! But it's good to work a lot in the winter when there's not much else to do any way, right?

  2. Way to help out with the family business. That's what families are for. I'm impressed that Wolfie's helping out too. In my home, the katz only help with cat-astrophes!

  3. Maybe I've asked you before, apologies if I have, but does Johann The Dog Direct ship to Australia?

    I didn't think I could buy things from you direct, I thought I had to order them from eBay and places like that.

  4. Thanks all!! We love our work!

    Yep, everything in JohannTheDog Direct we ship and sell ourselves, and we ship all over the world. It's not always cheap, but we do :) http://www.johannthedog.com/JohannTheDog_Direct.html

    All the other items on JohannTheDog.com are from companies that we are in a sense affiliated with. You click on an item from JohannTheDog.com, go to the other company site and we make a little commission on whatever you buy.

    Everthing we make goes to our agility and food fund....and we donate 10% to rescues/shelters :)


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