Thursday, February 11, 2010

Table games!

Now that there's so much snow and salt on the walking areas, and only so much snow romping a dog can do, we are doing lots of indoor fun games.

One of these games we're sharing today happens to be one of our favorites. It's Table Games - a great game, not only to help agility dogs get faster downs and sits on the table, but for any dog looking for some fun.

Here's a little vid of me and Mum playing Table Games. She also set up a small tunnel and then a target after, so I could run a little sequence right in our living/dining room. It's a little dark 'cause we filmed it in our camera nite vision at night to see what it would look like.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Johann - you've got the fastest table of any dog ever!! WooHoo!

    The snow was fun for awhile but now we're sick of it!! Can't wait for spring and agility practice outside!

  2. Hi, Johann
    I'm wondering whether you and your mum have ever researched car safety for dogs in terms of side air bags in the rear. I'm buying a new car and I'm getting mixed messages about side airbags in the rear seat. I want to put Penny in the rear seat rather than the cargo area because it gets so hot here for about six months of the year and there's no cooling in the cargo area.

    I had a look at your Squidoo and some of your old posts, but I didn't see anything on this exact subject.

  3. Hi, me again! I forgot to say I loved the table game. We'll try it out here for the opposite reason to yours - it's to hot, not too cold. Well, actually it's a nice day today, but we'll try it on the next hot day.

    And what are those obviously delicious treats?

    The sound effects from the tunnel were mysterious and fascinating, and the shot of mum's leg added to the overall spooky effect, lol.


Thanks for barking in!

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