Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yep, more snow fun!

Like most of the eastern Midwest, we've been getting snow, after snow, after snow. Mum continued to shovel out to our potty place, and on nice sunny days we partake in some snow rompin'.

The other day we woke up to some pawsome hoar frost. That's when it so humid, that frost just sticks to everything. Make for some beautiful winter scenes. Here are our River Birches, all covered with the stuff.

With all the wind we got this cool little drift. Must explore!

Who can resist a little snow tackle, now me!

Wait, Gracie, are you OK?

Oh yea, now she's after me!

But I fake back!

Dang, she's got me!

After our romp, Gracie runs over to start making snow angels. With all this activity we sure don't need any best weight loss supplements. BOL!

And I just take it all in....all this snowing is kinda challenging, but has it's advantages, fun!!!!


  1. The last pikh rokhks!

    In fakht, Mom snagged one of my kind of like that today!

    Snow is PAWESOME!


  2. Yay snow play! It looks like you had a great time :)

    Emma Rose


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