Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Even though I'm definitely not a show dog, sometimes I like to watch shows like Westminster.

Big congrats to The 2010 Best In Show award winner "Ch Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot," a.k.a. "Sadie," a Scottish Terrier. Sadie is a triple crown winner, winning Best in Show at the prestigious National Dog Show, the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship dog show, and now Westminster. You can read more about Sadie's win from the LA Times (photo courtesy LATimes).

If you missed some of the action the past two days, you can watch videos on the USA Network Site. Bet with all that activity none of them will need any fat burner, BOL! Here's a link to all the breed judging videos from this years event, if you want to take a gander. I embedded the video for Shelties (below :) If you want to see all the group judging, here's that link. We also expect they'll have the video up for the Best in Show sometime later this week, here.

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