Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great hiking this past weekend!

This past weekend was great weather...so we took good advantage and did a whole lotta hiking!

On Saturday, we hiked past the ponds and up the ridge. Then ended up at the large pasture, where the caretaker had mowed all the way around, so we got to do some level land hiking too.

We started out near the ponds, where we saw lots of wild flowers. Mum didn't have time to look them all up but we saw....yellow daisies.

And we saw these purple flowers that Mum recognized, but couldn't remember their name.

And we saw lots of daisies....

Even a whole field of them near one of the ponds.

Then we ventured into the deep woods with lots of dappled sunlight, where moss grows on the path to make a super soft carpet. We took a little break there.

Mum got a vid of us climbing the steepest part of the ridge. You can't see how steep it is, but you can hear how out of breath Mum got. Wonder if we need to get her one a finger pulse oximeter, so we can keep tabs on her, BOL!

Then we made our way back to the ponds. The caretaker dug a big hole to burn some of the dead logs and brush that had clogged some of the paths. The burning has died down now after a couple of weeks, so Mum let me be king of the hill :) Just below this hill is a super big hole, now full of ash and burned logs.

Once past the ponds we decided some endurance flat land walking was in order, so Mum led us to the big pasture where they mowed the path all the way around.

On the way, Mum caught a wif of something oh so sweet. It was a wild rose bush, they are everywhere blooming along the woods edge.

We crossed the little creek bridge and were nearly to the end of our walk, when Gracie is most interested in plopping herself into the creek where she got the Giardia a few weeks back. She still wants to plop in so badly, but can't. Mum got a little of her wacky self on tape this time.

We walked a different ridge on Sunday, and each day walked for about an hour and a half to two hours mostly up the ridges of the mountain with some flat land hiking in the pastures. So much fun...

Hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. Looks totally fabulous, Johann! Do you think you guys will ever be able to hike off-leash there?

  2. I hope so eventually Ricky, but not yet.

    We've found a lot of stray dogs around here that Mum worries about...and we got loose a couple times and made Mum really nervous. The hills and ridges are so steep that it's sometimes difficult for Mum to really keep an eye on us away from her and all we want to do are go after squirrels and herd birds.

    She's been working long line with us, and it's helping. But not yet :(

  3. Ah, wonderful, love seeing wildflowers! I haven't been out for a real hike in probably a month. Need to do some more. This is inspirational.


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