Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Story vids!

Just love when folks put their dog's tricks into a story! Here are a couple of themed trick vids we found lately.

The first one is Ymer, the Swedish Vallhund. He's on a mission pawsible to get the secret sausage recipe from the local butcher.

And this one is a group of Rhodesian Ridgeback rescues, including Rounder, Chase and Pride, a trio of cleaner uppers! They keep this up and there's no way their going to need quick weight loss, BOL!!!

Someday, maybe Mum will do a cool story trick vid of us! Hmm......


  1. Oh, I so-o-o loved these videos. Do you know how I would search to find more that tell a story?

  2. Hey there! We'll try to post more, but in the mean time...you can do a search on YouTube for BusyBeeDogs, or similar, we know they do lots of story vids themed around holidays that are super fun. And then look at some of these vid favorites and you may find even more. Have fun!


Thanks for barking in!

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