Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Our drop in agility class!

We got to to do some agility a week or so ago...and DOG were we loving it!

Mum found a place for us about 30 minutes away, where we can sometimes go to drop in classes to see how we do in a (well, kind of) trial environment.

We haven't been on a full course in over a year, and we were ready!

Mum would like to see more speed with me and she knows I can give it. The flooring was just a tad on the slippery side, so I had trouble with tight turns and digging in for speed. Mum wanted to see how I would do full out on my dogwalk and if after all this time I'd make my contacts. I did, but just barely.

It was a great to get a chance to run a full course and get a handle on what we need to work on. Mum wants to work obstacle focus for me, and continue with my dogwalk training. We'd also like to work on speed with the teeter and are going to start with the 'bang' game. That should be super fun!

After me it was Gracie's turn. Dog! You shoulda seen Gracie's weaves and frame! Doggone, you can't see her do her weaves video, but you can kind of see how fast she did them once she got the entry :) The weaves needed to be taped down for the Grace-ster, cause she moved them every time about four inches or so. And her running frame was so, so good. Mum was proud of her.

Mum's thinking if she can just get Gracie more obstacle focused, cue her earlier, and get her more used to distance work, she's going to do really well. Mum thought she had matured a little, came back to her much better than she had done in the past. And Gracie definitely needs more dogwalk work, since she hasn't had as much as I have.

We got our netbooks going and edited up some video for's Gracie!

We met some great new agility folks, who didn't care at all if I barked my fool head off, and who didn't care at all if Gracie ran off some. That was so nice. 'Cause both of them happened :) They gave a big cheer after my first run at practice which was super nice! We are looking forward to seeing them at some trials later in the year.

So now we are anxious to get our agility ring set up here. We're in the market for an a frame and dogwalk. Mum's not sure yet if she's going to buy them, buy the frame works, or have someone local build them for us. But she's looking into it.


  1. That's wonderful that you can drop in like that, and that you're getting to know the local agility folks. Every day I'm sure it's more like home.

  2. Johann! I am so happy to hear that you got to go to an agility class!! Hope you and Gracie get back to trialing very soon!!!!


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