Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dog escape artists!

BOL!!! We came across a 'really bad dog' the other day on YouTube. Check out SpiderDog!!! DOG, he can climb!

This vid got me thinking about the other dog 'escape artists' I've seen on YouTube over the years. Who can forget this beagle and his antics...leaving his bros and sisters and going on the lamb? Hope he didn't need any North Carolina health insurance because of his great escape!

And of course one of my absolute favorites, this guy really knows how to help out a pal, BOL!

One time when I was at an agility fun run, I escaped from my soft crate.

OK, fellow pups, here's how I did it!

There was a tiny bit of fur caught in the top of the zipper of my crate. So, I just slipped my nail in there and the zipper opened right up! Then all I had to do was run my nail down the zipper and voila, I had an opening for my great escape!

Where did I escape too? Mum of course, she was out there getting ready to run Gracie, and I just couldn't stand that!!!

So have you ever escaped anything? Tell, tell!

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