Thursday, July 15, 2010

Having fun keeping track of our walking and hiking!

The other day Mum came across an app for our BlackBerry that we're now using to track of all of our walks and hikes.

We've been testing out Roadrunner GPS and it's been pretty fun. Not only does it track distance, calories (human ones, you know) burned, time, pace and speed; but it also tracks elevation, which is one of the reasons we really like this one.

We found some free ones, but they sure didn't measure up. We've been trying out the 15 day trial, and Mum's gonna buy it, only $4.99 after the trial is up.

Here's kind of how it works. You start the app, and then it finds a satellite signal to keep track of you. You can pause for potty breaks if you want during your walk/hike.

When you're done walking, you press the stop button, and you can view at all your stats and even a Google map of your walk/run/hike. Then you have the option of uploading to their site (to share or keep private). When you get home you can login in see all your walks! According to RoadRunner GPS we've been doing about 15 miles a week, that we've tracked so far...keeping us from those diet pill side effects, fur sure, BOL!

So if you're looking for a good walk/run/hike tracking app for your mobile, this is the one we recommend. Works on lots of types of phones too.

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