Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holy ticks Batman!

We've been telling you about the ticks and how many there are. Well, the other day Mum notices I was licking my paws a little more than the usual 'cleaning up licking stuff', and wondered what was going on.

The next morning, she found out what it was! When she woke up, this is what she found on the bed where I was sleeping! Click on it to 'bigify.'

Over 100+ little tiny ticks, all dead. And I had been crawling with them the night before! OMD! Mum thinks these little things took some of the best prenatal vitamins ever!!!

We found out that they are called 'seed ticks,' little tiny ticks the size of a pinhead. They are the same as Dog Ticks, but are in the nymph stage, the stage just before they become an adult. And you can get into a nest of them where the eggs turned into larvae, then into the 'seed ticks,' and get them all over you! Some folks call it getting 'tick bombed.' Can you believe this?

How creepy! So far I've been lucky, before and since, and haven't run into a nest of them. And Gracie didn't suffer this fate. Good thing I was treated, because they say these ticks can spread dreaded tick disease too! Ewwwww.....


  1. Ewwwww. And you knows it must rilly be bad for a dog to say that. Be careful you two, I did find out I duss has the Lyme disease and had to take anty bionics. That woz even with being treated. I think I tolded you that last year the Frontline did not werk - it must has been during that time that I woz infekted.

  2. No way! Yuck! OMG - the joys of living in warmer climates, I guess! Thank goodness for the tick treatment, Johann!!

    After one look at that, mom will be itching all night!

  3. make that a double EEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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