Friday, July 16, 2010

Gracie may just be an agility dog afterall!

Mum and I are so proud of our Gracie Girl. She was amazing at agility practice this week. Sure wish we had some video...but it's probably good we didn't jinx anything :)

This week's practice was about handling. They had two 'rings' set up in the building. Hot as usual, since it doesn't have much air conditioning, but we don't care, we just want to run!

The first course was a toughie; jump, straight to a short chute, and then straight into the weaves, three more jumps with lots of off course ops, back into the weaves, and four more jumps with more off course ops - kind of a down and back set up.

Of course Gracie shot out of the chute like a cannon, so Mum had a treat ready for focus after, to get Gracie to settle into the weaves. Worked like a charm. Gracie took the weaves like a pro, then she was off to the jumps like a bat out of 'you know.' Mum was ready for a treat again after a wrap around the third jump, then back into the weaves to a two jump serp, with a tempting off course jump, right in Gracie's face. Treat again, then straight to another jump, wrap and another jump for the big finish.

Dang, Gracie was amazing!!! She didn't run off at all, totally was keeping an eye on Mum the entire time for direction. She looked like a real agility dog!!! We are so proud of her!

Then the trainer upped the anti, and strew tons of toys and knuckle bones around the next little course - two jump serp, another jump straight to a tire, then the teeter, bordered by a tunnel and weaves off course ops. Mum took her through the jumps and tire in a straight a line as possible, then rear crossed the teeter (first time that's ever happened with Gracie) and she banged that thang like no body's business. Big treat time!!! (BTW, this pic is from one of Gracie's previous CPE trials and one of Mum's favs :)

Then it was to the left to the jump, through the tunnel with that tire right in her face. Mum was ready for a treat again to get her focus, then around the teeter back to the weaves, a jump, wrap and back around to the weaves again, a front cross back to the tire, a rear cross to a jump, then back to take the second original serp jump, passing the first serp jump into the tunnel. And what did Gracie do at that tunnel exit with all those folks and dogs watching right in front of her at the exit? She looked back for Mum, OMD! No run off again to go visit them!

Whatta girl! And with all those toys and knuckle bones lying around, she only stopped for the knuckle bone and one toy...Mum said 'leave' and she went right on through the course. Mum had no idea Gracie had such a great 'leave!'

So finally....a great class for the Grace-ster, total focus, total concentration, total joy and fun, total of four runs, with a total of four big ole jackpots after! We're knocking wood over here!!!

Mum was ecstatic!

Oh, and I did great too :) Really good speed on all the technical stuff, and a great bang on the teeter with that rear cross.

So we're off next week and then start the following week another six weeks of class. So excited, and can't wait!


  1. WooHoo!! Great news about Gracie!! Better watch out, Johann! Looks like you have some real competition in the family now! :)

  2. look at that girl gooooooooooo!!!

    Great job Gracie!!!!

  3. BOL!! maybe there is gonna be hope for my sis, crazy Maisie. She has good focus for like 30 seconds!
    Your pal, Morgan

  4. WOW!! It's so great that she's doing well too. You can say that your awesomeness must have rubbed off on her - that's the excuse I give when my brother does something great ;)


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