Thursday, July 22, 2010

Speaking of hiking!

We haven't been able to do much hiking lately because of the heat, but since we're getting used to it Mum has been planning some hiking for us to do when it gets just a little cooler.

BTW, Mum found out that her 'puter weather bug temp turns red when it ready 100 degrees, OMD!

There are some awesome parks all over around here, and we can't wait to visit them. We're even talking with some new friends about all of us getting together for a fun human/dog hiking day. Of course we'll be sure to be covered with our car insurance companies before heading out.

Would be super cool if it turned into a dog hiking club...we've heard about other folks doing that.

In searching around on the Internet, we found this great article from the folks at REI the other day entitled 'Hiking or Backpacking with Your Dog'.

It has lots of great info on precautions, care, trail etiquette, first aid, packing, water safety and more. And look! In the article she recommends our Raise A Green Dog blog too, cool!

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