Friday, July 30, 2010

Gracie and the butterflies!

This morning we took a hike part way up the ridge. We were coming up from the ponds and when we rounded the top of the big hill two deer ran by about 15 feet in front of us. DOG, was that ever cool!

We all three kind of stood there and watched them leap by with their white tails, then after the quick shock wore off Gracie and I started barking and wanting to run after them. Too fun!

After that we walked down in the pasture. The hay and weeds aren't growing very fast cause it's been so dry, but spotted around are the orange flowers - Butterfly Weed - with butterflies all over them. Gracie loves teasing them!

This time she was really calm with them, usually she jumps at 'em and tries to nip 'em a bit.

Mum's lost a total of 18 lbs since we moved down here (even without apidexin, BOL!). She's loving that! I noticed the other night at agility practice that she's running faster - guess that means I'm gonna have to run faster, BOL!


  1. Congratulations to your mum on losing 18 pounds - that's totally awesome! But tell her to be careful - if she loses much more, there won't be any of her left!

  2. Cool creatures I have never see those before
    I have I love to jump at them
    Those thing are hard to catch


Thanks for barking in!

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