Friday, July 30, 2010

Whoa baby!

Whoa baby!!!

So we're driving to agility practice the other night. It's about a 30 minute drive down the interstate, not too far.

We got notice that this class session is an hour earlier than last session, so we ran into some commuter traffic that wasn't there our last sessions.

Mum got kinda nervous on our trip down. These folks drive really fast trying to get home from work down here! I don't know if it was the full moon, or they use those radar detector things, or if it's always like that, but dang...there are dangerous drivers!

Mum gets really protective when we are in the car and didn't like the speeding stuff at all! Anyways, we made it there safely, had a great time at practice, working some tunnel/dogwalk discrimination stuff, which I aced of course, BOL! Gracie did pretty well, she did have one moment of weakness and got her zoomies on, but after that she was pawsome!

Mum's looking at signing me up for an AKC trial in September that's about 40 minutes away. Oh, Mum, please????? Can we go?????? I only need 80 pts!


  1. Oh Johann!! I hope your mum does sign you up for a trial in September and you get going on those 80 points! I want to be able to call you MACH Johann!!

  2. OOO Trials are fun I have only been to 1 of them. I luv your blog.

  3. Which trial? Would love to hear you trialing again!

    Sadie got her thundershirt. She loves it! I put it on her and she got on the couch and took a nap :)

  4. Only 40 minutes away! Of course Johann HAS to go!

    In my experience, it always seems that drivers are going too fast in places where the driver is unfamiliar, therefore less comfortable, with the roads and the directions. I'm guessing that everyone else's driving will get better over time as Johann's mom becomes more comfortable and familiar with the environs. :-P


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