Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Company of Animals joined us at BarkWorld Expo!

We were so lucky to have The Company of Animals join us in all the fun we had at BarkWorld Expo. They were kind enough to send some of their pawsome products with us for free and allow us to show them off to all the attendees at the event, two and four-legged!

Here's a pick of all the loot we got to share with everyone! They sent with us the Clix Car Harness (you know how big I am on 'safety first'!), some Halties (which at the end of the event we donated to the nice folks at the Atlanta Pet Rescue, a no-kill shelter, to help with their foster pups) , a Clix Multi-Clicker (which we can't wait to try out in the next week or so) and they sent along a Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid and Tornado, along with some other great gear.

Lucky me, I got to try out the Dog Pyramid first. It didn't take me long to tackle it. Here's my quick test vid in the green room at BarkWorld before we shared it with the other pups. Gracie got a go too and loved it!

Then some other pups got to try out the toys too! Here's Cosmo posing with the Pyramid and Tornado. He's my agility bud I met long ago on Twitter. They live just a couple of hours from us and we're planning to go to a trial down in Atlanta together soon. Cosmo loved the toys!

Then Preston got to try out the Pyramid, he was so on it, got the treats out on the first try!

Then Judy from DOGingham got to take a try at the Tornado. You can see that Judy is part herding breed. Mum was in love, BOL! Judy got the Tornado right away, and was 'hungry' for more!

It sure was super fun sharing all the cool stuff The Company of Animals sent along with us with all the pups and hoomans! Big thanks to them for sponsoring us at BarkWorld Expo!


  1. That Dog Pyramid looks great, you get to try out so many cool toys!

  2. I love these toys!! Need to get some of my own! Thanks for being such a great pal and letting me play with your toys, Johann!
    Your pal,


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