Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I'm a rock climber!

This past weekend we got to do a little hiking up the ridge. And guess what I got to do? A little rock climbing, BOL!

OK, Mum had to put my little self up on that big rock, but I had a great time scouting out another angle of the squirrels, fur sure!

We got to see some of Mum's favorite plant, Coriopsis. She used to buy and buy these at the nursery, and plant them in our beds in the back yard. Now they are blooming everywhere here naturally. So cool!

We also got to see a stick bug. There were two of them right in the middle of the trail that kind of spooked us, then we had to get a closer look. They are difficult to see in the pic 'cause they look just like a stick, but he's to the right of the green leaves. When we got home there was another one on our front screen door, only it was green. Guess they turn colors with their environment.

We got to go and visit the creek bed. It's bone dry right now, but this is the same creek I got to swim in this past spring. Can't wait till it fills up again.

And over by the ponds we saw some Goldfinchs flitting around, we got very close before they flitted off. :) They're eyes looked like loose diamonds, so cool!

Then we headed around the pasture and saw a deer grazing...kind of difficult to see, she's running off 'cause Gracie started screaming her fool head off and scared the doe.

Hope you are all having a great week!

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