Thursday, August 26, 2010

A little about our agility practice!

We've been going to agility class on Wednesday nights, and Mum has also been taking us occasionally on Monday afternoons to work on our own.

Dang it's good to be back doing our thang!

Gracie got lots of compliments last night at class....several of the folks told her that she has really, really improved over the time we've been attending. Gracie hasn't run around with zoomies for almost three classes now. She's been totally focused on the task at hand all the time we are there, either for class or during our own time on Mondays.

The best part about that is that Mum can now finally start really teaching her some handling and communication. Gracie knows all of her obstacles, but now Mum can work on distance with her, tight jumping, going on (to the obstacle in front of her), help her refine her contacts and more. It's just so cool to see my sis really getting down to business, the business of running a fun, clean run. And because she knows more about what to do, she's getting faster, OMD! She can so already beat me around that course if she wants to.

Mum and I have been re-working my dogwalk, since I pretty much have lost my running contact with the move and everything. She's gone back to the beginning, kind of like lsat prep, but we are progressing through the steps very quickly. Pretty soon Mum thinks I'll be back to my nice running contact again. And we started working on distance with me again, since I'm pretty rusty on my gambling skills. But that's progressing very quickly, as well.

Our next trial is in September, a three dayer. We can hardly wait!

(BTW, this photo? It's from my very first agility trial when I was exactly 18 months and one day old. It's a standard run in USDAA in December 2005. I ran seven runs that weekend. Q'd in four of them with three firsts and one second. I'll never forget it. And some of you may recognize the judge, it's Rafael Quinones, who we've had the pleasure of running under several times throughout the years).


  1. Glad to hear your classes are going so well -esp. for Gracie!

    Can't wait to hear about your trial and see videos! I so wish we could've trialed together at least once when you still lived up here but I am so glad that we did get to meet that one day so long ago now!

  2. Yeah, Johann! Feels good to be really back in the saddle again, don't it!

  3. Dog, does it feel good to be back at it! Can't tell you how good. Thought we were going to have to be sent to rehab for our agility addiction withdrawal symptoms, BOL!

    We're hoping we can get some video...

    Never know Ricky, we may come visit up there sometime, it's only six hours, BOL!


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