Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seed ticks are the devils spawn!

Ok, I'm convinced that seed ticks are the devils spawn! And they are after me!!!

We went hiking a little up the ridge the other day, and found a new little trail which, of course, we had to explore, right? A little ways in we interrupted a deer bedding down for the night. That should have been Mum's clue (but I have to give her credit, she's learning as we go, as we all are). Wherever there are deer, there are ticks, that's for sure.

So we go on this little trail and get home and start relaxing in front of the TV, when I start getting the jitters. I scratch, I twitch, I jump off the couch and run into the bedroom and jump on the bed. Then I run back into the living room and sit on the rug and scratch. Then jump into Mum's lap and down to the floor. Then it's back up on the couch and I do it all over again. It's like I'm searching for some kind of signal or something, but....

I've been tick bombed!!!

Mum gets me up on the bed, turns on the overhead light, gets the flashlight and what does she find? Yep, tons of seed ticks all over my tummy. I swear these little buggers checked out antenna reviews to find out how to lock on to me!

And this time they are smaller than the last time (about one half the size of a pinhead). They were so small you need an HDTV amplifier to see 'em. So she can't even use the tweezers to get them off me! OMD! The devils spawn is all over me!

Mum tries getting as many off of me that she can, she used tweezers and she used packing tape, which actually kind of worked some if she could get to the bare skin. Finally after a few hours, they bite and they die (since I'm treated) and I'm feeling a little better.

But many of them are still on me even though they are dead. Mum is having to separate my fur a little at a time and then use the tape or her fingernail to scratch them off. And it's totally grossing both of us out, those little creepy crawlies with their little legs and antennas, yuck!

Mum is convinced this is happening to me and not her or Gracie because I'm low to the ground. If it happens again, Mum's going for the tape the minute I start squirming and see if that helps get them off so I'm not so miserable. Dang, these things are nasty!


  1. Are they too small for a fine flea comb to get at? (I know it's tough with that long fur.)

  2. I think they would have been too little for a fine flea comb even, at least in the early stages. Later that would have probably worked well since they were dead and starting to detach...Mum just brushed and some of them started coming off more easily. I'm all free of 'em now. Guess we won't be going off the trail again for a while :(


Thanks for barking in!

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