Thursday, August 26, 2010

A little of everyday...

No fence, still...but the fun part is that we get out and about on the property at least twice a day. We're still doing about three miles a day, but it's getting cooler and we are eager for more!

With the cooler weather and less humidity, the deer are out running around all times of the day, instead of early in the morning and later in the evening. For the past two days we've seen them in or around the pastures during our longer morning hike, which of course make us crazy for a chase!

Gracie, look!!!!! Was that a deer? (BOL!)

All this walking and hiking makes for a happy boy, I must say (having fun with our new camera :).

The pasture has grown up and is now over my head, and almost over Gracie's head. The caretaker is still mowing us a path for walking which is pawsome, but sometimes you just gotta dig in, right? Didn't I just see a frog in there with apple bottom jeans? Wait, I think I smell squirrel!!! Yes, it was a squirrel!

And the nice thing is all this hiking makes for a tired puppy....Mum oooos and aahhhhs over these tongue pics :)

Sweet dreams, Gracie!

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