Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tugging fun!

Oh, I am a lucky dog!

The other day the nice folks at Spot Pet Toys were kind enough to send me, Gracie, Wolfie and Wiggy (the kitties) some of their Skinneeez toys for free to test out!

Mum held them back from me and Gracie until we went to agility practice the other night. I ran my little sequence and what was my reward? The Skinneeez Duck, that goes quack, quack. Dog did I go nuts over that! Didn't even want to jump into Mum's arms after, I wouldn't let go of the thing, BOL!

Mum used the Skinneeez Squirrel to get Gracie focused for her agility run. Well, she got so excited she was a bit on the uncontrollable side during her sequence run. Good to know...don't rev up Gracie too much, she gets over the top, BOL!

The kitties got a little catnip filled pink bird and they love playing with it, which makes me nuts of course!

The neat thing about these toys is they don't have any stuffing, but they still have squeakers, or in the case of my duck, a squawker, and in the case of the kitties toy - nip! They have lots of styles from ducks to squirrels to skunks, birds and more! They took a pretty good beating with Gracie and me tugging with them, although I wouldn't recommend them for 'severe' tuggers, but only for controlled tuggers. We loved them and they were great as rewards for our agility runs! And they are lightweight so you can shake the devil out of 'em.

Thank you Spot Pet Products for sending these toys for us to try out!


  1. We duss love those skinneeez toys, too! Who needs all those stuffins - it be just like the toys we done alreddy unstuffied wifout getting in trubulls fur making a mess.

  2. Ohhhh you ARE a lucky dog!!!

    Are those toys too cute or what??

    My Sheltie, Dakota would love the squirrel or the duck! I will have to check these out!

    Wonder if they have cat toys too?? I will have to visit their website!

    Cat Chat http://opcatchat.blogspot.com


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