Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're getting ready for BarkWorld Expo!

Mum and I have been getting ready for our trip to BarkWorld Expo, August 20-22 in Atlanta. It's going to be a pawsome event for anyone interested in learning more about social media for your pet or your pet business. We are so looking forward to our trip and a little R&R with some buds!

We're booked into the hotel, which we hear is super dog friendly. I'm just hoping they have a pawsome mattress for me, Mum and Gracie! And we've got someone watching the cabin and taking care of Wolfie and Wiggy while we're gone.

I helped Mum get her powerpoint presentation together for her session on Friday afternoon, which will make it even better, BOL! And I got some new business cards to paw out at the event, I like 'em! They have JohannTheDog on one side and RaiseAGreenDog on the other. Mum even got some new cards for her company - Pawsible Marketing.

The super cool part is that we've teamed up with the great folks at Cranimals - makers of the healthy, green, whole food supplements and functional biscuits for our upcoming trip!

While I'm at BarkWorld, I'll be handing out some yummy treats and some pawsome supplements. You may remember I got a chance to review their Cranimals Supplements and ZenDog Treats a couple of months ago.

Over at Raise A Green Dog, we're giving away some pawsome gift packs, in honor of our trip. The packs include a package of your choice of Cranimals organic, healthy and tasty supplements, and a full size package of organic ZenDog Biscuits (which I have to say from experience are very tasty). Their ZenDog Biscuits were recently awarded the Editors Choice Award from Pet Product News International.

Their Cranimals supplements are created from antioxidant super foods like cranberries, red raspberries, and blueberries, and with vegan DHA Omega 3 extracted from algae. Very healthy! All of their products are made with wholesome, healthy ingredients, organic and have no artificial yucky stuff.

So be sure and head on over to pawticipate in the giveaway, it's easy to enter!

Now I'm off to help Mum with the laundry before we can pack. My job is to fold the socks, BOL!

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