Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Frogs, frogs and more frogs!

A few times the past couple of weeks, Mum has taken us up to where they are either filling in a pond or starting a new pond, not quite sure. But DOG...there are a lot of frogs up in that pond!

Gracie and I pull every time we walk near there so we can go say hi to the frogs. Check it out, oh and you may want to turn up the volume :)


  1. Johann, you have some pawsome places to explore - like a doggy paradise! erm...except for the ticks, BOL! (which creeped us all out here, btw!)


  2. Frogs, how wonderful - a sign that your local environment is still healthy. It was funny to see them jumping in like that.

  3. Wonderful to see frogs thriving somewhere, with so many of them dying off around the world. Fun!

  4. Long time no see. I was going over some of your posts and I'm glad to find out that all is well at your neck of the woods, including your agility but I know nothing about treibball. I'll check out your videos. Happy National Dog Week. BTW I'm doing a little contest on my blog, but I'm afraid your frogs are excluded.
    Take care!

  5. Oh wow! Froggies! I LOOOOVE froggies! But I don't pick them up anymore because they are hard to tell from their nasty mouth foaming cousins the toads. I wish I had a pond with that many froggies in it!


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