Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chicken backs rock!

You may remember that a few weeks ago we took a quick trip up to River Ridge Farms again to pick up some raw parts for us to munch on.

We went through the chicken necks pretty fast having one about every other day. So Mum got out the chicken backs we got. We've never had chicken backs so she was anxious to see if we would like them and we did! Well, kinda...

Mum cut the whole chicken back into two and gave the larger one to Gracie and I got the smaller half since you can't cut them completely even, doggone it.

She cleaned out our crates and gave us each our part....Gracie went gung ho on the chicken back, but it took me a little time to get used to it. But after just a little bit, I was as into it as Gracie was! And we've been getting 2-3 every week since. They are like their own little thermogenic fat burners, BOL!

Mum is going back to the organic farm again soon and getting us more! We can't wait!


  1. Organic chicken backs! Wow! I think that's what we call 'chicken frames' here in Australia.
    I always wonder how much nourishment there is in one of those. Have you ever done any research on that?

    I feel them to Penny.

  2. They did well on them...I think I need to give a smaller portion to JoJo than the half, but otherwise all went well. The nice thing about these backs is they had the organs attached with a little meat too, so along with their other meal they got a pretty well rounded diet day. I know they are an amazing source of calcium, and with the organs, well...


Thanks for barking in!

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