Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The trial last weekend!

If you've been keeping up with me on Facebook, you'll know that I had a great first run at the agility trial last weekend. But not so fun runs after that...

Mum was so happy seeing me run my first run! I was fast, fairly accurate :) (I sucked into the tunnel and ran past a jump and spun before the weaves, both of which resulted in faults). But it was such a fun, speedy run! Mum promised she would run her legs off for me and she kept her promise (although she thinks she looks slow in the video, BOL!).

The cool part is that we were running against a couple of very good pups here in TN, and I'm very proud that I beat the time of one of them (who has represented the US on the World Team before), and I was just within a couple of seconds of another pup that had a pawsome weekend running, and won every class she Q'd in. It's always good to see how you're measuring up, yes?

Anyways, after my great first Standard run, something started going wrong. Mum didn't know at first what was up, as I was running past a few jumps in my next JWW run. I seemed pretty fine when we got home. I got a massage, and some extra rest with no long hikes. Then we headed to the trial on Saturday, the next day and I ran my STD run....refused a jump and wasn't using my backend well through the weaves, and my dogwalk was slower. Mum thought she had made a mistake on the jump so ran me in JWW after and I refused the last three jumps, and my weaves weren't nearly up to par. Mum looked over the video from the first run and saw where I limped my back hind leg after the run was over. So we headed home, not planning on coming back on Sunday.

Mum massaged me when we got home and I was super tight in my backend, under and over. This is the same type of way I acted when I pulled my iliopsoas over a year ago. So Mum was concerned.

With all the hiking, ball work, massage, stretching and everything else we're doing...Mum is just baffled why this keeps happening to me. So she made a special appointment for me at the University of Tennessee. She put together a comparison vid so the vets up there can see what Mum sees during my runs. They've looked the videos over and definitely see what's up with me, which is great, because so many times I'll act absolutely fine once I get to the vet. We have our appointment a week from Monday.

Mum and I are pretty bummed...after all this time we were soooo excited to be running agility again, and for this to happen is kind of heartbreaking for both of us not being able to do the very thing that we love so much.

We're hoping with super crossed paws that the folks at UT can help get to the bottom of all of this. Mum is looking into all kinds of best muscle building supplements for me and other stuff. She has resigned herself to the fact that I may not ever be able to do agility like I used to. The resulting effects of the dog attack my first year of life and all the other injuries may just be rearing their ugly heads.

Super thanks to all our friends for wishing us well at the trial. Have to say that Mum and I had the very best time on that first run. There's just nothing like a good speedy, fun run. Mum didn't care at all that she and I messed up...we were just happy being out there. Oh, by the way? I was 22 seconds under standard course time, which means if we would have run clean (always a hope right?) I would have won the class and would have received 44 MACH points for that one run. Woo hoo!! Just the thought of the possibility makes us giddy!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you have this worry. I sympathise, because I'm having to deal with the same sort of life-change with Penny.

    But if it's muscular, maybe you can hope for a good diagnosis and a full recovery. I'm sending good wishes your way!

  2. It's great that you made a video to send to the vets so that they can see and know what to do Johann. I'll keep my paws crossed and hope it is nothing serious. Don't give up yet!


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