Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Off leash rawks!

A couple of days of rest after the trial, I was feeling much better so Mum thought it was time for us to go out hiking and have some fun.

It's been warm here, but cooler in the mornings and evenings, so we hiked up the ridge a few times.

Once we come out of the woods, we're right near the ponds. It's far away from the other dogs down the lane near our mailbox, and far from the roads so Mum has been letting me off lead a bit in this area. Off lead rawks!

Mum used the 30 sec burst function on our new camera to take lots of picks of me running loose, here's one of our favorites!

I get to wander free around the woods by the ponds and get into stuff. Sure makes Gracie crazy, since she can't be off lead yet! She's not as good as I am with that reliable recall stuff.

Then we make our way closer to the ponds where there's a dry feeder creek that I like to frequent, lots of good smells!

Then we make our way through the back pasture, which is getting high right now. We expect they'll be cutting again soon and we'll get to get into the hay bales again!

And after that we head up to see the frogs again. We finally got a photo of one sunning himself on a big stick, which by the way needs to look into acne product reviews, it's got all that bumpy stuff all over it, BOL!

After we come out of that pond area we have a pawsome view of the front pasture and the mountains. We had to stop and take it all in one day. Ahhhh.....

Hope you are having a pawsome week!!!

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