Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Off to the farmers market!

A couple of weeks ago Mum took us to the square here in town to pick up a few fresh veggies. While we were there, we got to tour around the courthouse square, meet some nice people and see some of the town sites. Took all of about five minutes, but here's a little of what we saw!

Here I am in front of some beautiful Crepe Myrtles a vendor had for sale. They are one of Mum's favorite southern trees. The neat part about being down here is that we get to enjoy the northern beauties and the southern beauties all at one time!

We walked around the square, around the old, but presently used courthouse. Guess we found my spot, BOL!
We walked some more and found a place in the side walk where they had recorded lots of key important dates for the area in honor of the Bicentennial. Gracie is going to give you a little tour!

Here's a little vid, pay particular attention to 1878, that's the date that 'nothing happened' BOL!!!

And here I am at my last stop at a statue of Williams Jennings Bryan in front of the courthouse. Bryan was a three time candidate for President of the US and fervent believer in banning the teaching of evolution in public schools and saw Darwinism as a major internal threat to the US.

He was also the attorney for the prosecution (the World Christian Fundamentals Association) during the infamous Scopes Trial, (held right in this courthouse and fictionalized in the play, Inherit the Wind) in which Clarence Darrow, the famed defense attorney, spoke for John Scopes, a high school biology teacher accused of violating the state's Butler Act which made it unlawful to teach evolution.

We talked with a few other folks, one who asked Mum how much she wanted for the dogs, OMD! That old guy had been around here for a long time, and definitely needed some dermapril review for all his wrinkles and leathery skin. Mum of course told him that we weren't for sale, then we headed home and took in some pawsome hiking later in the day, with Mum keeping a very watchful eye on us!!!

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