Monday, September 06, 2010

Treibball - updated!

Back in 2007, (can you believe I've been blogging since 2007, OMD!) we blogged about a new sport we found coming out of Germany - Treibball!

So we thought it would be good to update some information that nice folks have sent us and we've found around the Internets about the sport, since this is one of the most highly searched terms for my blog.

Here's a video we shared from our 2007 post:

And here's some info from our 2009 post:

Being the herding breed that I am, I have to say that I'm a bit fascinated with this Treibball sport.

We understand the sport has actually been around since about 2003 in Germany, and officially became a dog sport in 2008 with competitions held there. (If any of my European friends have more info, feel free to leave in the comments :).

From what we can gather, the ultimate goal is for the dog to herd eight large balls into a soccer like net as quickly as possible. These balls originate from a formed triangle in the center of a field. But we see other variations as well - herding through obstacles, lanes, and more.

What I like is that it's something new and fun to learn - and would be great to work on even inside during the heat of summer or cold of winter. Inside I could learn to herd those balls around tables and chairs, before venturing outside to wider spaces.

We found a few sites (use that may be of interest:
  • This site, Treibball, has some links to starting training, exercises, a blog and more.
  • And here's a Wiki that explains some about the sport, which we believe is also called 'Drift Ball' (EDIT: Drive Ball) from what we can gather from translations. This site also has some tips on what rewards are important in teaching Treibball.
Here's a vid to enjoy, as well!

And a few updates:

We received several emails in the past year about more info for folks to learn more about Treibball we wanted to share. Now all you have to do is get some competition going, get some video on blu ray movies then on YouTube and have fun!


  1. Hi there! Thanks for posting this. We have two locations for Treibball in Colorado: One at Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden, and one at a great barn in Thornton. See if you are in that area!

  2. Thanks for the info Hilary!!! So great to see Treibball making it's way to the US!

  3. I would be concerned if you do not have a very high level of control over your dog for a "stop" and "send", you will create a dog with serious behavior obsessive hunting, circling, barking and keeping an eye on the ball and things that are big and bold like.

  4. Hi Life Coach Training,

    Would you expand more on your comments? Not sure I understand. Our Treibball dogs haven't exhibited these behaviors, but if yours have, I'd like to know more! Thanks.

    Hilary Lane
    American Treibball Association


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