Tuesday, September 07, 2010

We've been tagged!

The super nice folks at Dog Tag Art were kind enough to let us pick out and send us for free some pawsome new tags, since it's so important to have up-to-date information on the tags you wear!

Here I am with my EarthDog tag since I'm a green dog, you know! (Click to bigify!)

And we found a pawsome cute agility tag for Gracie! See she's got her lucky agility tag on, 'cause you know how much she needs luck on the agility course, BOL!!!

The neat thing about Dog Tag Art is that you can choose from lots and lots of tags created by some talented artists, or you can create one of your own by just uploading a pic and doing a quick little design.

They are very durable too, we've been wearing them on our hikes and during travel, and they don't even have a scratch on 'em! Here's a zoom in version of Gracie's tag!

And the new thing that Dog Tag Art is doing is called Virtual Leash, where for only $1 a month you can have a unique website (a.k.a. online profile) for your pet with unlimited emergency contacts that can be instantly notified. The website can send you and your emergency contacts, messages through email, Twitter, text message and voicemail when your pet is found. Virtual Leash also uses Google Maps to show potential finders a safe place for your pet. You can change this address easily and at anytime.

Your pet's unique website is printed on the tag (along with your phone number) and worn by your pet. Your pet's website can be updated as you move, travel or even when they are at a pet sitters for the weekend. How cool is that!

Oh and did I tell ya, they are very inexpensive too!

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