Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Mum, Gracie and I have been spotting a couple of deer around here lately. We'll come up on them during our hikes up the ridge, or grazing in the pasture. But they always seem to run off before Mum can get a decent pic.

The other day Mum went out on the back porch and she saw one run down the small hill near our cabin, dang no camera! So she went inside to get the camera, because they always seem to travel in pairs here, and she hadn't seen the other one yet. Just as she stepped out again on the porch she saw the other one looking at her up the hill from our cabin. (You've got to click the pic to get the full effect).

Finally she got a pic, not a good one, but a pic nonetheless! This one is a beauty, we think she's the same deer that we got a long distance pic of early this spring. The other one she saw earlier this morning was the baby, all grown up! No need for natural male enhancement with this baby, cause she's a girl!, BOL!

We're still trying to get a better pic. Nice thing is there isn't any hunting on our property, no guns allowed. But we are still going to pick up some orange vests for us on our next trip into town!


  1. That do be a good ideer that you wear no-huntin-me orange anyways. We has run into hunters in no hunting zones afore. Not efurryone plays by the rools, you knows. That do be a bootiful deer. I seened a mom with two teenagers in Furginia last week then the next day the mom and dad. They did not take off, just stood and looked at us, but the pikshures commed out all blurry. Boo.

  2. Until we all get our orange in town, Mum's been wearing one of my old orange JTD (AKA shirts, BOL!!! She never looked good in orange!

    Driving home from errands today we saw a Mum and four teens that had just crossed the road and were in the big pasture adjacent to our land. They were all romping and looking at us, and romping...just like kids! So cool! Mum got a pic from the phone, but we haven't checked it for fuzziness yet.

  3. I have an orange collar and Mommy has an orange hat in case we are at grandma and grandpa's during hunting time. There is no hunting there, but Mommy has bumped into guys with guns. Better safe than sorry. We call deer "big bunnies" here because they are brown with white tails, big ears and they hop.


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