Friday, October 22, 2010

Enjoying chicken feet!

You remember that we talked about the great organic farm where we've been getting chicken necks, backs, breasts and feet, right?

We'll Mum finally got out the video to show you me eating one of the chicken feet.

Ok, ok, they are funny to look at and some of you may be going eeeewwww!!! But I have to tell you I am in love!!!

Many say they are a super source of natural unprocessed glucosamine and chondroitin which would be great for me and DOG knows I need that :)

Gracie and I have races eating them. Dang she always beats me, but she's got a big mouth, never needs those diet weight loss pills 'cause she eats so fast, it would never have time to stick, BOL!

We have to say, they pass the Johann test, fur sure! So here I am eating and crunching away...sorry for the dark quality of the vid, it's hard to find good light in the cabin sometimes.


  1. Never had a foot but I get the legs with the foot chopped off! Glad you two enjoys them.

  2. wow they look good but I don't think mommy would ever let me have one..she got grossed out over texas toothpicks!


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