Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dog Olympic Games!

The Dog Olympic Games were held in Lignano Italy this week (October 15-17) and included Agility, Disc Dog, Dog Dance, FlyBall, Dog Mobility, Swimming, Water Retriever, Obedience, Nature Testing and Rally Obedience.

The games are an International festival of dog sport and culture, where the main purpose is to participate rather than to win. Competitions were held on Friday and Saturday while the finals were held on Sunday.

Here are a few vids from the event!

Some Disc Dog - Tomaz Subic & Casper - Final Medium:

Winner in Agility Medium - Martina KlimeŇ°ov√° & Kiki:

Di Censo Ludi & Falco in the Tunnel Cup Final:

Michele e Zeus - 1st place Specialty Carry Elite:

Looks like it was a fun few days! Lots of activities, lots of competition. Looks like the best weight loss supplement to me, BOL!

And special thanks to MemoDogBlog for reporting on the event!

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