Friday, October 01, 2010

FCI Agility World Championships 2010 going on now!

NOTE: For information on the FCI World Agility Championships 2011, click here!

This weekend, October 1-3, 2010 is the FCI World Agility Championships in Rieden, Germany.

Here are some key links to keep up with all the action! Let's get started:

FCI Schedule and Running Orders:
We'll update and repost the results here as they come in, or you can follow the results here:

Friday - Team:

Large Team Results Jumpers - course - 1st Spain, 2nd Sweden, 3rd Switzerland, 21st USA, 24 Canada (Final)

Medium Team Results Jumpers - course - 1st Finland, 2nd Slovenia, 3rd Czech Republic, 4th USA, 31st Canada (Final)

Small Team Results Jumpers - course - 1st France, 2nd USA, 3rd Latvia, 4th Great Britain, 18th Canada (Final)

Large Team Results Standard + Jumping Combined - course - running order- 1st Sweden, 2nd Spain, 3rd Russian, 7th USA, 28th Canada (Final)

Saturday - Individual Jumping & Remaining Team Events:

1st Dice & Jessica Martin, Sheltie, Canada;
2nd U2 GOLD & Joffrey Adyns, Sheltie, France
3rd Kvido & Veronika Krcmarova , Parson Russell Terrier, Russia
7th Wave & Marcy Mantell, Sheltie, USA
DIS Breeze & Anne Stocum, Sheltie, USA
DIS Kelsi & Dee Anne Gamel, Sheltie, USA

1st Dizzy & Natasha Wise, BC, Great Britain;
2nd Safea & Bara Sajdokova, Mudi, Czech Republic;
3rd Frodo & Jari Suomalainen, Kooikerhondje, Finland;
4th La & Silvia Trkman, Pyr Shep, Slovenia;
5th Rush & John Nyes, Sheltie, USA;
19th Sizzle & Karen Holik, Sheltie, USA;
30th Demon & Diane Goodspeed, Sheltie, USA

1st Hoss & Lisa Frick, BC, Austria
2nd Pray & Anja Lehtiƶ, BC, Finland
3rd Ferrari & Natalya Shternberg, BC, Russia
4th Elvis & Lyubov Zvorygina, BC, Russia
5th Encore & Susan Garrett, BC, Canada
31st Solar & Daisy Peel, BC, USA
64th Icon & Channan Fosty, BC, USA
DIS Scream & Ann Braue, BC, USA

Medium Team Results Standard + Jumpers combined (Final) - course - running order (in reverse) - 1st Finland, 2nd Belgium, 3rd France, 6th USA, 17th Canada, 20th GB (Final)

Small Team Results Standard + Jumpers combined (Final) - course - running order - 1st Russia, 2nd Japan, 3rd Slovenia, 12th USA, 26th Canada

Sunday - Individual Standard:

Small Individual Jumping & Standard Results (Final) - Standard course - 1st Dice (Sheltie) & Jessica Martin, Canada; 2nd Kvido (Parson Russel Terrier) & Veronika Krcmarova, Czeck Republic; 3rd Q (Sheltie) & Nadine Hunsperger, Switzerland; 45th Wave (Sheltie) & Marcy Mantell, USA; 65th Breeze (Sheltie) & Anne Stocum, USA; 66th Kelsi (Sheltie) & Dee Anna Gamel, USA

Medium Individual Jumping & Standard Results (Final) - Standard course - 1st Dizzy (BC) & Natasha Wise, Great Britain; 2nd Rush (Sheltie) & John Nyes, USA; 3rd Frodo (Kooikerhondj) & Jari Suomalainen, Finland; 4th La (Pyr Shep) & Silvia Trkman, Slovenia; 16th Demon (Sheltie) & Diane Goodspeed, USA; 34th Sizzle (Sheltie) & Karen Holik, USA

Large Individual Standard + Jumpers Results - Standard course - 1st Hoss (BC) & Lisa Frick, Austria; 2nd Dobby (BC) & Dave Munnings, Great Britain; 3rd GiĆ² (BC) & Andrea Occhini, Italy; 4th Bu (BC) & Silvia Trkman, Slovenia; 5th Elvis (BC) & Lyubov Zvorygina, Russia; 6th Solar (BC) & Daisy Peel, USA; 75th Icon (BC) & Channan Fosty, USA; 94th Scream (BC) & Ann Braue, USA

Overlays - Guy Blancke

Side by side videos:


Daisy Peel and Solar - 6th place finish in the Individual Standard + Jumpers - here's their Standard run from Sunday:

Top Four Finishers in Medium Individual Standard (Sun) - Natasha and Dizzy, John and Rush, Jari and Frodo & Silvia with La.

FCI 2011

The FCI Agility World Championships 2011 will be held in Lievin France, October 7-9, 2011. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Very exciting! We also have word the FCI 2011 m
ay be live streaming the event free of charge, so mark your calendars! We'll have more info as becomes available.

Support those we work with and keep us going!


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    PS ~ I just came back from a vacation to Disney. My brother got a stuffed Yeti, and named him Johann. He's fluffy and white, but you're a lot cuter!


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