Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hiking over the weekend!

Last Sunday we took the opportunity to enjoy the pawsome weather we've been having here to take in a nice hike up the ridge again. Instead of going up the ridge where we went the previous weekend, we decided to go up the ridge on the other side of the property and explore up there.

Here's a bit of our walk on the trail on our way there. Just some awesome views this time of year and lots and lots of leaf crunching, BOL!

We got off the trail on the other side of the property and climbed up and up and up. We made it up to about the same height as we did the past weekend, and found some rocks that form a long ridge line up the mountain, just on the other side of the property. Pretty cool just like last week.

Gracie wants to know if this pic makes her nose look big, BOL!

This time we stayed up on the rocks for a while, just hanging out, enjoying the peace and quiet. Then it was time to make our way down. This is a more dense part of the woods, so there were lots of sticker bushes and Mum got some scratches. Lot and lots of downed trees in this area too, we went under, but Mum had to go over. Lots of squirrels everywhere I had to bark at and look out for. I think they have some kind of document management system with each other to alert them I'm coming, they taunt me so!

On our way down the ridge Mum stepped in a couple of really deep (well when you're walking they seem deep) holes and fell a couple of times. She didn't think anything of it until the next morning when her back was sore. Now it's Tuesday and she's feeling better. Good thing because we're doing USDAA this Friday and Sunday, she has to be able to run me speedy butt! Duh!!! So I'm taking good care of her.

Lots of storm rolled through here yesterday. It's so weird to see 50 foot trees swaying in the strong wind. The trees around her are sooooo tall! We walked in the pasture yesterday afternoon. Definitely a day to watch for falling limbs.

Other than yesterday, the weather here has been amazing, in the 70s and sunny, dry for days. We're hoping in a couple of weeks that we're going to venture out to some neighboring national parks and do some exploring!

Hope you're having a great week!


  1. Glad you got such a great hike in before yesterday's bad weather! It was crazy!

    Good luck this weekend!! Hope you feel good, Johann! Don't scare your mom with any muscle spasms or anything, ok? Just run fast and have fun!

  2. So Johann, pawlese tell me wot you do when your mom falls down while hiking. Mom and I is hasing a disagreement over this. I promptly satted atop of her when she falled last week and she yelled at me coz she could not get up. Woz she just being cranky or is it not good to sit on your mom when she sprawls flat out on the ground?

  3. Thanks Ricky, we're hoping for happy, healthy, super speedy runs!'s what I do when Mum falls, I get all jittery, and if she moans or groans or something, then I run up and start licking her face a lot. I don't get on top of her, but sometimes Gracie licks Mums face so much it knocks her down and she just laughs....

    Mum has taken to slipping a lot lately with the dry and the rocks and leaves, now that scares me, cause she pulls some on my leash, and I'm like, what did I do????? But then she says she's sorry, she slipped and I forgive her :)

    I think it's good you want to protect your Mum, she should be grateful IMHO! Woofs! :)

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic hike! Lots of luck for the weekend!

  5. Oh, I'm sorry your mum fell. I hope she really is okay.


Thanks for barking in!

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