Monday, November 01, 2010

USDAA this past weekend!

Mum and I enjoyed our USDAA trial this past weekend!

We went to Franklin, Tennessee which is about 2.5 hours from our cabin. We went on Friday and on Sunday, 'cause Mum thought it would be a good idea to give me a rest day in between because of my last muscle strain. And we only entered three events on Friday and two on Sunday, since when she entered she had no idea how I would feel.

My first run of the weekend was so pawsome! It was Snooker and had the tunnel, frame as the seven. You could do 3 or 4 reds, and since I need a few Super Q's for my ADCH Mum decided we needed to go for it. So she planned out four reds, and four sevens.

I have a pretty doggone good frame, so Mum felt kind of confident, except she was super rusty on remembering lengthy courses. But it worked out pretty good! We got through the four sevens and through the final six before the buzzer went off on my last frame. Good enough for a Super Q and first place!

Mum was super excited for both of us, only two more SQ's and two more gamblers for my ADCH!

Here's the run...

Hee, hee...we're both in black, get it? Mum thought I was wide on many of the jumps and that we need to work on some tighter turns.

My second run on Friday was Steeplechase. I knocked a bar, and then seemed slower after that, then I stepped on the long jump and started a little limp. Mum worried and carried me off the course, walked me out and massaged me, didn't feel any heat. So she decided to give me half a Traumeel pill and see how I looked for my next run.

She got me out for our Gamblers run and I was raring to go. She planned out a course for Gamblers but kind of miscalculated the timing on the opening (she's a little rusty on that from not running these games for a couple of years). I was so speedy that she didn't even get in the blind cross after the tunnel she planned, and it took her and me off guard. We had enough points but missed the gamble, it was a jump to an out jump to a tunnel to the right and then another jump. We found out that I'm rusty on my distance with just jumps so I didn't make it through. NQ :(

So we drove home, and got home about 9 PM, long, long day! And a lot of driving in the dark through the mountains which is kind a weird. Mum got stopped by the coppers about 15 minutes from home. Guess our headlight was out, no ticket, but Mum had to go and get a bulb for it on Saturday and got some help from some nice guys at the oil change place to install it. They did it for free!! Nice guys!

So we headed out again on Sunday. And had my first run about 30 minutes after we got there. It was Snooker again, Mum decided to go for it again, with a 6 and three 7's. Took us a little long since the 7 was three jumps, but we made it through to five. Mum had thought about replacing one of the 7's with a 4 tunnel, but decided against it. Think we may have gotten that SQ if we would have done the tunnel instead. But SQ, but we got a Q and Mum was happy to see me running speedy.

My last run was Gamblers, Mum put a plan together and tried to time the opening a little better. I bobbled the tunnel, and got sideways coming out of the chute, so it got our timing off going into the gamble which was another jump to an out jump, then right to the teeter and another jump. Again, I'm rusty going on an out jump, so we didn't get that gamble either.

So we learned some things. Mum needs to plan better for our Snooker/Gamblers really can get out of practice on the timing if you don't do it regularly. And we learned that I do well on outs/sends with contacts and tunnels, but not so much with just something to work on!

Mum gave me 1/2 pill of Traumeel before my first run on Sunday and after the run too, before my Gamblers run. It really, really helped...loosened me up and took any kind of edge off that I had. And it didn't whack me out either.

Oh another thing, I broke my start line stay on every single run this weekend. Took Mum off guard on every run too...I never break my stay in competition, so something new to work on!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations on completing some excellent runs! The video you shared looked awesome, I think. Johann is one speedy little doggy.

    I have a lot to aspire to if I'm ever going to get that far. But you've given me some good advice just talking about your own challenges on the course.

    Lots of luck in the future!

  2. Congratulations on the Super Q! I don't know a lot about Snooker, but it looks tricky. I have the feeling it's not so complicated once you understand it though. I mean, I get that you have to alternate red with another obstacle, but I don't understand the point values yet.

    Not only are you super fast, but so is your mum! I'm very impressed by both of you!

    I love the video - and great song choice!


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