Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A few things from our trip to the trial!

When we went to the trial a couple of weekends ago...there were a few things I wanted to share from our trip!!!

First up is a photo of me in my crate with my nice blue ribbon, BOL!

Oh Gracie was a bad, bad girl at the trial. She busted out of her crate when Mum was away walking my course or something. Luckily someone noticed pronto and put a leash on her. Mum found someone today that is going to sew in some pet screen to replace the other screen in her crate, so she can't bust out again! Now, Mum knows better than to put Gracie in a softside at a trial. I don't know what she was thinking, but she had us all crate switched. Grrr....guess she's got to get back in the swing of things!

Here are the results for my Snooker run. I always find results pages very interesting. You can see that I did the four 7's, but the points total that I only made it through the 6 in the closing, cause the buzzer went off when I was going up the final frame. Only one other tried the four sevens, I think, and they missed an a-frame contact, so lost those points. And the other dog that got the SQ only did three sevens. Very interesting! Strategy is everything...

On our way home on Sunday it was a really nice sunny day. We stopped in Nashville and picked up some food for the kitties and gassed up the car. Thank DOG for our GPS in our BlackBerry, have no clue how we got along with out it!

On the trip back we had to go up and back down a pretty big mountain, which was hard for the 18-wheelers, so they have their own slow lane. When we were driving home we saw there were two 'runaway truck lanes' just in case the trucks lost their brakes going down the mountain.

We didn't see any tracks in the runaway lanes on Friday, but we did on our return trip on Sunday. So someone needed that lane. Sure glad it was there for them...that sounds very scary! (You may have to click on the photo to see the lane going right in front of the van on the left). The lane is filled with deep sand so it slows down the runaway trucks. (Oh and excuse the dirty windshield, we just ordered new wiper blades, BOL!)

It was a long but fun trip. You can see the mountains in the photo above, we saw lots of those!

Even though we haven't seen a tick on our property for a couple of months now, I picked one up at the trial site. So we're keeping on the regimen.

Mum got Tether for her BlackBerry before our trip. DOG is that cool!!! Now we can hook up our Netbook to the BB and get safe, firewalled Internet access through our cell phone service. It's pawsome and it's fast! Got in a little work at the trial in between some runs on Sunday. Oh and it's inexpensive too, (only $49.99, one time for the app)! Not at all like managed hosting, by any means! Sure wish Tether would have been around when we first moved here, that would have come in very handy waiting for them to lay that cable. Now we can work from anywhere, even up on the ridge if we wanted to, BOL!

When we got back on Sunday it was still light out, but starting to get darker. When we drove up the road towards our lane, Mum looked over to the field across from our property and saw this...

A family of deer in the field. They were young ones and they were actually frolicking through the field. Now that's something you don't see everyday! Mum stopped the car and they stopped to look at her. But you should have seen them jumping around and teasing each other, it was amazing! (Sorry for the bad cell phone pics :(

We drove up the lane and ran inside to feed the kitties; and get our dinner too...then we headed out for our evening walk. Something got hit in the road again and those big birds were everywhere. Made me crazy! 'Cause you know how much I love to herd birds.

Oh they dog me so....

That's it for now! Hope you all are having a great week. Happy Hump Day, BOL! 'Cause us dogs like that, you know :)


  1. Was Gracie channeling her inner Sibe?

    Thanks fur sharing those few things from your trip!

    Mom says thanks fur the info on Tether - she'll keep in mind fur future reference!


  2. Holy smokes, Johann, you had some eggsitements! Jail break Gracie, runaway truck, FURST PLACE WOO HOO!!! Congratulashuns!

  3. Hey Johann! Fun photos from your trial trip! I especially love the deer family! What was Gracie thinking chewing her way out of the crate at the trial? Silly girl. Thank goodness someone put a leash on her real quick!

  4. Congratulations on the first place!! I'd like to try USDAA next year with Layla, once we get some exposure to jumping at the 26" height.

  5. Congrats again on your superQ win. Love the bird in the sky over the barren tree. Tika also feels that the airspace over our house belongs to her and not to large birds. Fortunately she's not as bad as one friend's dog who also had to have his say with airplanes flying overhead.


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