Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poor Skunk!

We headed out on our walk the other morning, got through the pasture and headed near the road where I like to walk the rails. On our way there, we started smelling this weird smell. Mum knew what that smell was, but I hadn't had the privilege of smelling it before.

You guessed it, skunk!

Had to look around for a bit to see where the smell was coming from, then I found it. Poor guy got hit smack dab in the middle of the road. He's sure gonna need a free directory submission for anyone to remember him now. Must have gone pretty quick, cause he didn't let out the big skunk smell, like Mum has smelled before.

Later in the afternoon, of course Gracie and I pulled, and pulled to check on the poor little guy...well, he was only half there now, guess who got him?

You guessed it again, vultures! Here's one of them flying over near us. Those birds are the biggest birds I've ever seen, and we got pretty close to a couple of them. They weren't scared of my barks at all, bold they are!

Of course all I wanted to do was herd them, even though they were bigger than me!


  1. Are those turkey vultures? They migrate through our town in October and we sometimes see 20 or 30 of them in one spot. Once they were sitting all over the historic cemetery on Halloween!

  2. If you think those are big, you should someday experience a california condor flying over your head! Yow! Grand Canyon is the most likely place for that to happen.


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