Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my friends in the US! And to those of you all over the World, we wish you a thankful day too and hope that all of you are having the most pawsome day filled with fun, friends, family, food and frolic!!!

Our morning started off great today with a nice hike in the woods, and we got in a lot of exploing today. Nope no snakes, no rats, no mice...check.

Gracie had fun in the pond today, got all sorts of muddy. Most people would want to put Gracie in an ergo baby carrier to keep her outta there. But Mum? No way! She likes to let Gracie be able to be a dog. Anyway, we hiked for over an hour and a half and by the time we got home, most of Gracie's mud was gone.

I'm super thankful today for my Mum, my sis Gracie, my kittie bros Wolfie and Wiggy, my active, healthy life, and the fact that I get to go hiking every day and do more agility...but I'm especially thankful for all of you guys and gals. Just wouldn't want to imagine my life without ya! Hope you are having a pawsome day, and that everyday is filled with all the blessings you could ever wish for.

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  1. It sounds like a fantastic way to spend the day. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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