Saturday, November 27, 2010

My deer friends!

Look what we saw this morning!!!

It's a frosty morning about 25 degrees, but promises to warm up to almost 60.

Mum looked out the window this morning and look what she saw! My deer friends! (Someday Mum is going to get pawsome photos of these two, but for now...these will have to do.)

The deer are out a lot now...maybe bulking up for the Winter? We see them all the time on our walks and hikes. Last night we saw them run up the ridge, makes me and Gracie super crazy. I bark, she screams her fool head off. And Mum has to keep a super tight grip on our leashes. She's wondering if she'll ever get us to not pay attention to them, but she works on it with us.

Mum went outside without us this morning and they didn't run off like they do when we're around. She tried to get closer to them, but they were skittish. She did manage to get within about 50 feet of them, before they took off up the hill.

I hope they stay on our property where there's no hunting. So many hunters on the adjoining properties. We're taking lots of precautions when we're out hiking to keep very visible. Mum is wearing bright and orange, and doing everything but putting out osha signs, BOL!

Hope you are having a pawsome Thanksgiving weekend if you're in the US. If you're one of our International readers, hope you have a pawsome weekend with your pups!

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  1. Wow, you and Days of Speed both posted deer photos this week! Guess I'll have to get out somewhere and find some deer so we can cover the U.S.'s deer population.

    BTW, your weather sounds like exactly ours the last week or so. Same temps, anyway, as in my yard. Brr! Although ours have been at or near record lows for this date here in the bay area.


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