Friday, December 03, 2010

Day 3 - Johann's Annual Howling Howliday Giveaway!

It's Day 3 and we're moving right along with our Giveaways! Super thanks to everyone who entered yesterday, we'll be updating the post to announce the winner very soon.

Today is the third day of Johann's Annual Howling Howliday Giveaway!

More great prizes to give away today! But don't furget, we'll be bringing you giveaways every weekday thru December 24th! So be sure and check back, K? And our designated charity could really use your help, click here to give a little donation, whatever you can spare!

We have two contributors today who have donated some pawsome prizes for our winner.

Clear Conscience Pet has graciously donated a Clear Conscience Gift Pack with Two Treats & a Clear Conscience Baseball Hat. They have some pawsome dog treats, including their Organic Blend Beef Liver Bark OSV with organic beef liver, dried organic spinach, dried organic pumpkin, dried organic carrot. And you know how much we love
organic - no antibiotics, no hormones! Their treats are grain free, and they are easily broken up to prep for that jackpot!

Check out their site for lots of info and all their products, and be sure and use code: johanngift when shopping their site today only and you can buy three gift bags filled with two packages of treats for $19.95 per gift bag and get one gift bag free!

Our other contributor today is Something Smells Good, and they
are contributing their Dirty Dog Skin Soothing Shampoo & Spray!

Their Dirty Dog Skin Soothing Shampoo is made with pure essential oils of spearmint, lavender, tea tree and chamomile, baby-mild castile soap and aloe vera gel. It's concentrated, so a little goes a long way, with loads of lather, super fresh smell, while rinsing off clean. Visit their website to learn more about their company and their products for pets and for people!

And , please don't furget to help the less fortunate this holiday season and help us raise funds for our designated charity - A Place To Bark!

It's easy to donate! Just press the donate button on the widget in our sidebar, or click here. Donate whatever you can spare, whether it be $25, $15, $10, $5, even $1 would be of great help!

Now on to the winning stuff!

Here's how to enter today's Giveaway! Please follow the instructions carefully, K?

1. Go to the Clear Conscience Pet Facebook page and 'like' them.
2. Go to the Something Smells Good Facebook page and 'like' them.
3. Go to to the Something Smells Good website and subscribe to their newsletter.
4. Then come back to this blog post and leave your name and email address (can't win without it!) in the comments and let us know you followed all the instructions; 1-3 that we outlined above. If you feel uncomfy leaving your email addy in the blog post, you can email it to me directly.

After midnight we will use the handy dandy randomizer on our sidebar to pick a winner! We'll notify the winner via email as soon as the drawing is complete tomorrow and post the winner in this blog post. Then the pawsome donors will mail out the prizes to one lucky winner!

That's it, now go get have until 11:59 PM ET tonight (December 3, 2010)! For all the fine print rules, click here. Contest is open to all US residents, 18 years or older in the 48 contiguous US states. Apologies to our friends North and South and across the pond.

And don't furget to come back on Monday, we're giving away more cool dog stuff! Have a pawsome weekend my pals!

BTW - if you're not on FB, just follow whatever instructions you can, leave a comment that you visited our contributor's sites and we'll accept your entry :).

EDIT 12-4-2010: We have a winner! Diane Millard is the winner of the great gifts from Clear Conscience Pet and Something Smells Good! Congratulations Diane!


  1. Done, done, and done! BOL!! Dani says she could really use that "Something Smells Nice" on those rainy day when we go visiting at the nursing homes!!

    Your big pal,
    BJ (Lily's brother)

  2. ok duh, I just did yesterday's but it's over! But I just did this one too. :)

    Courtney Keys
    courtney po @ gmail . com

  3. All done! My girls could sure use something that smells nice on them today after rolling in something stinky yesterday. With a fresh bath, some smell good would be nice for them :)

    Marleina S.

  4. Heather Harris
    I did steps 1-3! Can't wait to see if I win :-)

  5. thank-you for helping me find these great products!! Having a Landseer Newfie, with allergies, they are great!!
    done, done & subscribed!!
    Diane Millard


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