Thursday, December 02, 2010

Deer, screaming dog, twitching legs and human upper body workouts!

Oh me, oh my. It's amazing the effect a deer can have...

So we're out on our walk yesterday afternoon. Lots and lots of rain about 30 hours the day before. We were sick of the rain and anxious and happy to get out and get our legs moving. We walked yesterday morning about 2 miles and then ventured out again last evening.

We rounded the corner and Gracie started getting all tense. Mum and I looked around and yep, there they were; two deer in the back pasture.

It's amazing all the effect deer can have, when we come along anyway; screaming dog, leg twitching, pulling dogs, human upper body workouts.

So Mum has been thinking a lot lately about why Gracie mostly screams instead of barks. Yep, she'll bark sometimes. Well, it's kind of more like an arrooo! But when she gets excited, scared, wants something real, real bad; she screams. And boy can she scream; even more than someone that wants nanocleanse reviews, BOL!

The first time we encountered Gracie's screaming was the night we brought her home from the vet that was keeping her after she was rescued from the hoarder. She seemed real happy to be in a home, have some room to run and was being super good playing with me and the kitties. She didn't even need to be potty trained!

The first night Mum set up a crate for her in our bedroom, thinking she would be more comfy being with us at night and next to my sleeping crate. Boy were we wrong!!!

For several nights Gracie screamed all night the crate or just shut in the bedroom with us. All this was really worrying Mum, and Mum was really trying to come up with a solution to help Gracie. That's when Mum noticed that Gracie loved being in the crate downstairs. Maybe she wanted to sleep downstairs even though we slept upstairs?

Yep, that was it! Every night after, Gracie slept in her crate downstairs and never made a peep. Go figure, she was just more comfortable downstairs where she could keep an eye on everything. Whew, were we relieved, and really glad we found out what made Gracie comfy.

But every time Gracie gets her scream on, it brings back some memories, that's fur sure. So we finally got lots of Gracie's screaming on tape in this video.

So, have you ever heard a dog scream like our Gracie? Just curious if it's a breed thing, a behavior thing, a 'how she was brought up' kind of thing? Any thoughts, ideas?


  1. I bet the deer went off to tell their pals about those khrakhkah khanines!

    Of khourse, I'd be right there with woo!


  2. Gauis screams like that when waiting in line for earthdog. I think it's just a frustrated, I see prey and I want to chase it thing.

  3. You made me start barking with that video! Mommy thinks maybe Gracie has some shiba inu in her. Here is a video example of the "shiba scream":

  4. Think it's definitely a 'want' thing with the Grace-ster :)

    Wow Merlin, those are some screaming Shiba, wow!

  5. One of the other dogs in our agility class is part Shiba Inu; you can tell just by listening to him! But he's so cute I can't really be annoyed.

    I'm glad you found a solutiong to Gracie's problem! No doubt you are even happier. ;-)

  6. Tika screams, too, when on leash and she sees something she wants--other dogs particularly. Not quite as high-pitched, but yow anyway!


Thanks for barking in!

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