Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow hiking is fun!

This past weekend the temps rose to about mid 40's. With snow still on the ground, Mum thought it would be fun to take another hike up the ridge, since we hadn't been up there for a couple of weeks at least.

DOG! It was so much fun! The snow was mushy, the scenery amazing, and so peaceful and quiet up there.

Here's a vid of our little hike in the snow. I even got to wade in the stream a little and take a nice drink of cool, clean, 'snow run off from the mountain' water.

Here are some pics of the weekend too! It's all about the ears, bol!

More ears...

Gracie jumps!

Mum had trouble getting us to look at the camera all weekend because there was so much to watch and see. So we have lots of profile pics...

Finally Mum got one of herself with Gracie...one of those long arm, turn the camera on yourself, pics. There must have been something very interesting they were looking at...serious stuff!

Oh, the possibilities!

We saw lots of tracks in the snow...mine and deer; some coon, and bird scratches, and even some we had a hard time identifying.

Wait, I think one of those critters is in there! (this is the railroad tie bridge near the pond.)

Gracie lives in a state of awe most of the time :)

The view at the stream was just amazing!

We had a great time! Hiked for over 2 hours on Saturday and an hour on Sunday. Mum is feeling it I can tell ya, BOL! There's no way she's going to have to ask, are diet pills safe? Gracie and I are keeping her fit. Hiking on snow is way more difficult than regular hiking.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. Glad you had fun... and some nice profiles!

  2. Judging by the video, you certainly enjoyed yourself! And I agree, it is totally all about the ears. You two look so natural out there.

    My favourite thing about the snow has got to be how bounding through it tires out my nutty dog a lot faster!

  3. Beautiful pictures!!



  4. All the pictures are lovely - especially the human, of course! - but that second-last one is gorgeous.


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