Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't do it!!!

You know what NOT to do with this right?

BOL! Ok, Mum couldn't resist. There's this thing I do that makes her laugh every single day.

Gracie goes (she squats, since she's a girl). Then I have to go over to the spot and mark it (because I'm a boy, and that's what boys, do right?).

Anyway, Mum doesn't bother walking us further after Gracie goes, because she knows I have to get over there quick, sniff it (smells like Gracie got into some kind of oily skin treatment this morning, BOL!) and cover what is there with my smell.

It's a big joke at our house, has been since Gracie came to live with us. So, question. Does this happen at your house too?


  1. Yep! Even if Heffner's already gone, he'll go some more to cover up Bess' pee.

  2. It happens here, too! Ironically, my male Lab squats, and then my female Malamute marks over it, by lifting her leg. Whenever we go anywhere, she's lifting her leg all over re-marking other dogs urine spots. On one hand, I call her a pig (what girl lifts her leg?!) but on the other I don't have to worry about her not peeing, because she always will mark "her" territory.

  3. My sister's dog (Toby) has actually tried to pee on my dog (Molly) WHILE she's going!


Thanks for barking in!

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