Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gracie focuses!

Last weekend when we were at the trial, they had a B-Match on Saturday. I think it's super cool that the trial group near here has had a B-Match and a Time 2 Beat demo at the last two trials.

Mum debated and debated about whether to enter Gracie in the B-Match after what happened last time; which is the usual 'take a few obstacles and then run off'. But she never gives up on the Gracester, and who can resist that face! So she decided to run with her and see what she would do this time.

You can use a toy in a B-Match (but no treats) so Mum decided this time to use Gracie's target, which is a yogurt lid. Gracie absolutely loves her target and Mum has been using it a lot with Gracie, after weaves, after several jumps, after weaves and a jump, tunnels, find target and just go target.

Well, Gracie wow'd us all!!! For the first time in three years in a trial situation, she took 16 obstacles all in a row and didn't even really think about running off. Mum was sooooo proud! She looked like a true beginner out there, kind of puppy like, but she had some really good moments of true focus and determination Mum thinks.

Mum tried to cue her as early as she could. She'd been leading out with Gracie in practices so she decided to keep that pattern.

Gracie loves all the obstacles, but she sure doesn't want to do the weaves during a trial situation. Mum thinks she knows she has to stop and think, and she just wants to run. She was doing so great during her run that Mum decided to have her try them again. You'll hear Mum say go target to get her to focus at the weaves, and she did for a while. But it wasn't to be, so they went on.

All that running DW work paid off too. She made the yellow, way too high in the yellow, but considering it was a trial situation, Mum was super proud of her. Gracie got lots of compliments on her DW after the run.

After the run Gracie got a humongous jack pot! We all wanted to beat stainless steel drums, we were so proud of the Gracester!

Mum's going to enter her again in the B-Match in the February trial if they have it. Who knows? Maybe Gracie will run for real in the April trial? We'll see.


  1. This was very interesting since we don't know much about these things.

    Thanks for joining Pet Blogs United. We look forward to getting to know you better.

    Oskar & Pam

  2. Yay, how fantastic! If Grace can do it maybe my Shiva can too. They seem to have very similar agility styles. Take whatever obstacles they want, and then run around. But I am glad to see Gracie has learned the value of staying with her mum. Go Team! She looked like she was having a blast.

  3. Lookin' good - thank your Mum for not giving up on Gracie! My pup Quincy has similar issues, but we've come a long way. We're beginning to 'click' as a team on course and are now trialing. But those weaves are still getting us, too!


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