Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trial last weekend.

We went to a three day AKC trial last weekend. Mum has been concerned over my runs. I just wasn't running my usual self. And I was kind of testy all weekend, and over this past week too. Although, today I've been acting more my usual self.

Practice at the training center and agility in the yard the previous week was super! So she's baffled.

My first run was just OK, but I started refusing jumps (by running past them) on the first day and did it in at least one run each day. And I was just stepping through my weaves on every single run.

After every run Mum massaged me. Heated me before my runs, iced me down at appropriate times throughout the weekend and gave Traumeel each day. It was chilly in the arena, so she even walked early to make sure I had lots of time to warm up. Then took lots of time cooling me down. She did everything except send me off to Corolla vacation rentals, BOL!

I really wanted to run and she didn't ever feel any heat coming from any specific part of my body. So we decided to keep going. Mum's taking me to my vet again soon for an adjustment and more massage pointers; and she's going to ask for a test for Lyme and other TBDs, just in case.

We're signed up for another three day trial in February, so we'll see what happens then.

Here are a few of my runs, you'll see I'm just not running where I have been. I ended up getting over 40 points for the weekend and one Q each day.


  1. Sorry you weren't feeling so great but you looked pretty good to me. Well done Gracie too from the other post. I hope all the extra things your Mom's doing for you really help. Maybe it's not so much physical, maybe you has the sheltie mind insecurities going on? hehe
    ~lickies, Ludo

  2. Dang, Johann! I thought all your problems were taken care of! Hope you feel better from whatever ails you.

  3. Us too Ellen! We're tired of thinking, talking, worrying about it. Tired of blogging about it too :)

    @Ludy 'sheltie mind insecurities going on?' Mum thought about that, since I've had that before. Could be a contributing factor! Guess we'll see in time, sigh...


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