Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I got to be King of the World!

We hear lots of our friends are getting some nasty snow and ice. We are feeling for them!

One of our reasons for moving further south to the Mountain was to get away from a lot of that super cold and long spells of snow. We like a little snow, and the seven inches we got a month or so ago was super fun. But we really liking the fact that we can hike pretty much any time of year here on our Mountain.

Last weekend was a perfect example. The weather was amazing, almost 70 degrees on Sunday and mostly sunny. The ridge was calling us!

Of course Mum had to take some pics. We stopped at the stream again to get a little cool off time. We headed a bit down the stream, because there is this cool rock ledge we like to inspect.

Then we headed up the ridge, off trail since we had more time. It took some effort to get up to the rock ledge near the top of the ridge, but we made it. I got to be 'King of the World' for a little while.

I admit it, this made Mum a little nervous. First, she got a stick and checked for snakes all around the rocks, before she let me and Gracie near them. Then we climbed up the rocks and made our way over to this area.

Here I am standing on the ledge with about a 30 foot drop below me. Mum is saying, 'stay, stay, stay.' Me? I am feeling the power....love hanging close to the edge!

Monday came around and Mum was feeling this hike, fur sure! This time she needed to check into a massage therapy program online, she was sore!!! But it's Tuesday now and all is back to normal. What a fun weekend!

Hope everyone stays dry, safe and warm today if your getting pounded with the nasty stuff!

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  1. 70 degrees?? OMG...we won't see those kind of temps til MAY!!

    We are waiting for a biggie storm to move in. Supposed to start tonight through 7pm tomorrow....possibly 20 inches!


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