Tuesday, February 01, 2011

RascoDog Ready Leash - poo bags at the ready!

A while back the nice folks at RascoDog, sent us one of their ReadyLeashes to try out.

This is very handy! Its not a retractable, 'cause we don't really like those for regular use, just for use when Mum is having me do some hill climbing.

It's rather an innovative, non-retractable leash with poo bags built-in!

The ReadyLeash is very comfortable on Mum's hands and easy to grip even for the pulling-est of dogs like me and Gracie. We thought it was pretty strong too and stood up to the Grace-ster encountering
some deer, and you know how much pulling that requires, BOL!

The poo bags pop-in easily, so you never have to go without. We particularly like it for agility trails. You know how when you get to the site and you spend that time stretching your legs after traveling, and 'going' before heading into the crate area? Mum always has a bag on hand now.

The ReadyLeash retails for $21-23.99 (depending upon the length of the leash 4 or6"). RascoDog also sells the biodegradable poo bags to fill 'er up. The bags are nice and strong, so Mum doesn't have to get 'dirty.' And the leash comes in some pawsome colors.

Thanks to RascoDog for sending us this cool leash for free and be able to tell our friends about it! Oh and hey! They are on Facebook too, and we see a coupon code for a percentage off over there!

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