Friday, February 25, 2011

Kittie makes herself at home!

You may remember we blogged about the neighbors barn kittie that started visiting our back porch a during the snowstorm we had this Winter.

Well, she is still hanging around. It's been a few months now. When it started getting cold, Mum felt sad for her and made her a little cardboard home and bed, all nice and protected on the porch.

Needless to say she is loving it! She spends almost all her time now with us, goes out to hunt for food, or goes back to her barn for something to eat. Sometimes we wonder if she needs to look into some fat burner pills, she's a little on the pudgy side. But then again, it could just be winter weight, BOL!

This is probably the only bed she has ever known! Such a sweet little girl, and a great mouse hunter, OMD!

1 comment:

  1. what you did for that kitty is so sweet it almost made me cry.
    She is adorable, I wish she could have a furever home but you provided for her during this past winter and I know she is eternally grateful! xoxo


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