Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The art of rolling in yucky stuff!

Gracie would like to show off the art of rolling in yucky stuff!

First you get a good smell, something dead, or maybe even someone else's poo, OMD! Stick your nose way in.....

Then you dive in head first...

Then you start rolling like mad!!!!

Back and forth, back and forth...

Until you get that yucky stuff smell all over you, head to tail!!! (And hope it's something that didn't partake in any hgh to make the smell even that more powerful, BOL!)

Then it's time for Mum to take a wiff of what you've been doing and immediately run for a wash cloth, some doggie shampoo, and start scrubbing away. And of course if you really get into it and it's super smelly and all over you, then Mum will put you in the tub for a good bath, noooooooooo!!!!!!

So, how do you roll in the yucky stuff? Inquiring minds want to know?


  1. I use the eggzakt same tekneek Gracie uses and it is WONNERFUL! I highly recommend it. But if'n mom catches me in the process of perfooming myself, she screams rilly lowd. RILLY LOWD! Wassup with that?

  2. I don't get that either Shawnee....aren't dogs supposed to roll in yucky stuff....it's just nature at it's best IMHO, BOL!!!

  3. I do the same thing, only I start with what Mommy calls "the dip" where I put my ear in the goo first and then SLIIIIIIIIIIDE through it from ear to butt before rolling.


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