Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Those birds dog me so!

Ok, I have to say that those birds still dog me so!!!!

They circle, flying slowly, way up in the air over my head, just makes me crazy!

Those birds are definitely going to need a personal injury lawyers Tucson if and when I get a hold of them! Come closer big bird, come closer!!!

So do any of you have something like birds that dog you? Cars (oh, I know someone that has that little problem :), cats, deer, squirrels maybe? Let me know!


  1. I take the opposite approach -

    I sit and silently stare at them in hopes they don't see me and khome khloser ;-)


  2. Oh Khyra....you are such a good dog. Sometimes I think about being good, but then, well you know, BOL!

  3. Cats, deer, squirrels, sparrows, ducks, geese, chipmunks, um... I'm sure there are more... possums, raccoons...


Thanks for barking in!

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